Ruth Sosa


Gabriel Sosa, Staff Writer

Ruth Sosa was born on February 9, and was raised in San Diego, California. She is currently a 15 year-old freshman at Hoover High School. Some of her hobbies include reading books, watching tv, and designing and making clothes using different skills like sewing, knitting, and crocheting. Another thing she enjoys is traveling, and has traveled to different states both in the U.S. and Mexico. Some U. S. states she has traveled to  are Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Pennsylvania. She can be a little lazy at times, but once she sets her mind on something, she is filled with determination. Her favorite colors are red, pink, and blue and some of her favorite foods are quesadillas, seaweed salad, and sushi. After high school, she plans on attending a four year college, though she hasn’t decided what career to pursue yet. Some of the careers she is considering are fashion, political justice, and civil engineering. Though she enjoys warm weather more, her favorite season is winter. One thing she enjoys doing during the winter is going on a trip to Julian with her family since it’s usually snowy and there you can find some good pies and thin crust pizza.