The Cardinal Staff weighs in on the return


I’ve already adjusted to online classes and if I was to go back it just wouldn’t be the same as pre covid
.  Not everyone will be there, we’d have to social distance, it wouldn’t be the same, so why go?  They should’ve waited until the next school year when things were better.

~Gray Boul

I feel kind of happy that I get to come back cause I want to get out of the house for a bit. I know that it wouldn’t be the same but I am willing to adjust to it.

~Paloma Ocampo

I’m not coming back to campus because I believe that it is not safe since we don’t really know where everyone is or if they have the virus and I don’t wanna bring the virus to my family. Another reason is that I am performing better in classes because I’m not carrying around the stress I would normally have.

~Nancy Pulido 

I have a lot of personal reasons as to why I don’t want to go back to campus but I’d say the biggest reason is just that I feel like there’s nothing left for me in this almost ending chapter of my life if I go back to physical school. I just don’t see the point in returning, myself, because I’ve come to the acceptance of having to start a new life and meet new people when I get to college so going back to school seems like I wouldn’t be moving forward from what I have already experienced.

~Luisana Chavez

Online classes were kinda rough in the beginning but I have slowly gotten used to it. and though it would probably help me concentrate more my parents think it would be a bad idea to return this early.

~Gabriel Sosa

I don’t think we should go to campus yet for everyone’s safety and because the school year is almost over we should just wait a bit longer

~Oscar Vincente

I may not be going back to school only because we only have a few more months before its over. I feel like we might have more trouble being at school with the social distancing. Not trying to wake up at three in the morning and cross the border just when school is about to end.

~Eric Sanchez

I decided I wanted to go back to campus because I genuinely don’t want to be home any longer because it’s boring. Although it won’t be as it used to.  It’s easier for me to learn at school than online.

~Andrea Meda