Student voice on campus reopen



Joselyn Luvianos

“Going back to school would be beneficial because it’s much easier to pay attention and learn. I have trouble doing online learning because there are lots of things that distract me. If we go back to school, we would have an easier time with lessons because learning in person is more productive. Even now, we’re losing time to do some hands on learning with certain classes. Overall, going back to school will help me and make school a bit easier to do.” ~ Joselyn Luvianos

Angel Rubio

”How I feel about coming back on campus is that I’m happy. Online school was much more boring. I liked being able to see my friends and interact with people.” ~ Angel Rubio

Brandon Rodgriguez

“These are my thoughts about going back to school; I feel excited to go back because I feel I learn better and it’s more beneficial. I’m a little concerned about the whole social distancing.” ~ Brandon Rodríguez

Gavin Namvong

“I’m nervous about coming back to campus, but at the same time it would be helpful for my academics. It would help me stay motivated and on top of my work, if I felt more involved then my work would be better” ~ Gavin Namvong

Jose Mercado

“Coming back to campus I will be extremely cautious in not contracting Covid. My motive for coming back to on-campus learning is learning. My purpose; where I would be hoping to get a better learning experience.” ~ Jose Mercado

Zahira Alatorre

“Thinking about coming back to campus has it’s mixed opinions. I’m excited to go back to campus even though things aren’t going to be the same as before. Although I only have a couple of months left of my senior year, I want to make the most out of them which is why I chose to go back. I feel joy knowing that I will get to step foot on campus once again and see some familiar faces after so long!” ~ Zahira Alatorre

Isleny Chora

“I believe it’s a great idea to come back to school. In my opinion, I believe the district is doing everything that it can to make sure students are safe during this time. Many students have been failing many classes due to lack of concentration at home, and opening schools would be great help to those who really need it.” ~ Isleny Chora