Surge in anime during pandemic school year


Eric Sanchez, Staff Writer

During the pandemic school year, I’ve been getting into anime mostly because there’s nothing to watch anymore after finishing Supernatural.

The only anime I’ve watched was Dragon Ball Z but that was when I was little, after that I mainly watched whatever my brothers were watching. In total, I finished about six anime shows and all of them were great. They are Blue Exorcist, Kakegurui, Erased, Hxh(Hunter X Hunter), Naruto, Demon Slayer, and currently watching Naruto Shippuden. Demon Slayer has beautiful graphics and has so much action with humor. I honestly love each one and to be honest, I don’t know which one is my favorite one. The two I would actually recommend are Erased and Demon Slayer, because each one has just one season and is so shocking. All of these anime shows are on Netflix but not all seasons, except for Shippuden. The main one that I would recommend is Erased because its one season has 12 episodes.

Erased, it’s about Satoru, a struggling manga artist who is unable to dig deeper into his heart to disparate emotions like regret, given this power to go back in time before any death or catastrophes and prevent them from happening, calling it “revival.” When someone he knows dies, his “revival” triggers and sends him to his elementary school body forced to fix the regret in that time period.

People were unhappy with the ending because of what happened, even though he didn’t love her and that’s all I’ll say (cause it’s common sense bro). Anyways, I made my friends watch it and they were arguing with me because of the ending, but I just shake my head because they loved the show. Each episode was better and better but very short, and you can finish the whole series like in a day. Unlike Hunter x Hunter where I finished it in one month and also finished og Naruto in one month too.

Erased doesn’t really have humor like the other one because it’s mainly about depression and regret.  I looked up reviews on the anime Erased, people loved the soundtracks and voicing, along with beautiful scenes, bringing the manga to life.