We should keep doing what we’re doing


Luisana Chavez, Senior Editor

This pandemic isn’t over.

People should still be wearing masks and social distancing because although more and more people have been getting the vaccine, it doesn’t make anyone immune to the virus.  At this point, there is no excuse or reason not to wear a mask when we’re out and about but some people still want to be selfish and walk around without a mask. If people are not convinced that masks help, there has not been any major stories about the flu season because everyone has been taking precautions against Covid.  Masks help stop the spread.

Practicing social distancing is just as important as wearing a mask too. You can never be one-hundred percent sure that someone around you doesn’t have the virus. Keeping distance between yourself and anyone you’re out with is important, not only for your own health but those that may come in contact with you too. Thinking about those around you and protecting the people you love should always be on your mind and wearing a mask is the least anyone could do to keep making our situation better.

Although it looks as if things have, luckily been getting better and fewer people have passed away because of the virus, it still isn’t over or gone. It keeps us all safe to just wear a mask and keep our own distance from people and it’s a simple selfless act anyone can do and should still be doing.