It’s good to be back!


Andrea Meda, Staff Writer

Not that long ago, the San Diego Unified School District decided to let some students go back if they chose, and if it was in their best interest to attend for a couple of days of the new hybrid schedule.

I was one of the students that decided to go back because I felt that I could focus on school more rather than at home where I have many distractions. Although, after adapting to online school for a little more than a year, it was a bit nerve-wracking going back to campus since it felt just like freshman year. I practically forgot where all my classes were and there were some teachers I had never met in person and also many classmates that I didn’t know. However many of my teachers told me they felt the same.

Some teachers felt like it was like the first day they started teaching and that made me feel better that I wasn’t the only one that felt odd being in this situation. Something that made me feel comfortable is that everyone was more responsible than I thought and took the procedures seriously. Also, there weren’t many students on campus so it was so much easier to follow rules.

I actually liked being at school even though it’s just for two days each week. I now focus more on all my classes and finish my work. I feel more engaged in my work and teachers as well. Also, it might not seem like it but it helps my mental health to be somewhere other than home. Also just walking to school and interacting with people other than my family,  I feel better and motivated to be productive. Going back to school is a nice change of things even though it can be weird to see other people with their backpacks and masks but at this point, it’s very normal.