Unhappy Halloween


KImberly Flores, Staff Writer

The annual haunted house, a long time favorite event at Hoover High School, will not be happening.

This annual haunt was an idea created by former alumni and Class of 2009 graduate, Rocio Hernandez. Every year after that, it became the first project and fundraiser for the drama department. Each year, it just became scarier, more sinister and more creative. It was an experience like no other for the Hoover students who enjoyed a good scare.

The themes for the haunted house just came naturally.  The advanced theater students would be creating and building the house and have an “ah-ha” moment. One of the reasons for creating the haunted house was for an inexpensive scary experience for Hoover students and some even said that it was better than the more expensive places in town. Alumni from past haunted houses would volunteer to help during the nights that the haunted house was open. Hoover alumni Edwin Rodriguez, Class of 2015, was in a special effects make-up class down at city college, and brought his classmates, who did prosthetic make-up on the Hoover students.

“Unfortunately  we won’t have the haunted house this year,” said the theater director Mr. Michael Heu, “Current concerns of COVID are just too uncertain and we want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.”

The drama department does not want the haunted house to be the reason that people contract the disease. It was a decision made for the safety of the students. This is the second year Hoover will be without the annual haunted house. Last year, the drama department decided to create a movie in place of the haunted house called, “Zoom Doom” which is on Youtube as of now. However, do not fret, Mr. Heu hopes next year will see the reopening of the haunted house, and give the newly arrived Hoover students a scare of their lives.