Amina Naleye


Kayla Onn, Staff Writer

Amina Naleye is a sophomore at Hoover High School. She is 15 years old and born on January 13. She is currently in the ALMA academy and is planning to join Cardinals Interact. She was born in Memphis Tennessee, then she moved to Nashville until her dad’s work contract ended and is now living in San Diego. Amina is a type of person who will always be there for you and  give you good advice if needed. Her favorite movie is The Call A South Korean film. Her favorite character is Hae-mi. She is planning to join volleyball next year. Amina is the eldest daughter which takes a lot of responsibilities on her part. She can procrastinate a lot but she works well under pressure. She has five brothers and a younger sister. In her free time, she loves talking to friends, eating chocolate, watching movies, and listening to music. Her favorite foods and drinks are sushi, chocolate, burritos, boba, and desserts. She can’t really commit to watching long shows with multiple seasons and hour-long episodes so she’s watching movies constantly. Criminal Minds is her exception, however. Her favorite genres of music are r & b, rap, and kpop. Amina’s plan after graduating in 2024 is to travel around the world.