When you just need to disconnect


Eric Sanchez, Senior Editor

The type of genre I’ve been listening to is somewhat “vibey,” and catchy as well, and one of the artists like that would be Current Joys. I wanted to try something new and get away from my basic rap music and give another taste in music and Current Joys was the first one I listened to.

Nicholas Foster Rattigan was born on August 6, 1992, Henderson, Nevada, but later moved to Reno for education. He began playing drums as a child and later taught himself to play multiple instruments. At the age of 19, he started his career as MusicianMusician in 2011 and later became more successful in his profession within a limited amount of time.  He is an American singer- songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,etc. He currently releases music under the moniker Current Joys which is where I started listening to him.  One of his achievements is that he had around 3.8 million monthly Spotify listeners, and one of my favorites, “New Flesh”, is a song he released in 2013, and has had over 92 million plays. I can just vibe and dance to the song every time it I hear it from my playlist.

When it comes to his music, the word nostalgia seems to be the theme when people discuss his music. I believe that Current Joys is just a poetic way of stating that, of being present with music and with yourself and what’s happening around you. All of my anxiety is released when I hear him, especially the song “A Different Age.”  To me, his music is the best way of communicating it and living through whatever I’m going through with. A few of the songs I would recommend would be “Blondie”, “Kids”, “ and “Fear”. His 80s style alternative synth of rock is definitely the mood. I would say my taste of music got way better after listening to Current Joys.