Nghi Vo

The Cardinal celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month!


Elvis To, Staff Writer

Nghi Vo is a Chinese American author and a novelist. Her new upcoming book “Siren Queen” is expected to be out on May 10, 2022. Vo was born December 4, 1981 in Peoria, Illinois. There, She attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

As a child, Vo gravitated toward books with pretty covers, especially science fiction and fantasy.

Her first published story was “Gift of Flight,” and wrote other short stories as well.  In 2020, Vo published the novella The Empress of Salt and Fortune, which is about a cleric who listens to stories about the recently deceased empress.  The book was a winner of IAFA books in 2021 and was the Hugo, Locust, and Ignyte finalist.

Her debut novel is called The Chosen and The Beautiful.  The novel revolves around a Vietnamese queer protagonist named “Jordan Baker.” The story offers another perspective during the time that The Great Gatsby takes place. There are a number of references to speakeasies, back-seat trysts, parties both grand and intimate and romances in the 1920s with a lot of obstacles in her way.

She is currently 39 years old and lives in Milwaukee,Wisconsin by the shores of Lake Michigan. She believes in the ritual of lipstick, the power of stories, and the right to change your mind. The Chosen and The Beautiful is one of the most anticipated LGBTQ+ fiction novels to be published.