Designing my future


Alexandra Herrera, Staff Writer

I have to write about clothes?  At first I wasn’t sure why or what to write, but now I understand why I  put this in my list of things that are important to me.

I don’t usually tell anyone about my future plans or where or who I want to be but in reality, I want to be a fashion designer. At first, I told myself journalism could be my thing since I love writing and reading books, but then I thought about it after freshman year during quarantine, and considering it…well…it really wasn’t my passion from the start.  When I told people about journalism and I would mention that I wanted to  be a journalist, it just didn’t click or make sense. I think the people that got me into fashion and clothes were my dad and mom.

Back in the 90’s, they had the most amazing sense of fashion, but mostly my mother because she was such an icon. Speaking of people who influenced me into fashion, I would have to give credit to Cher from Clueless.  Thanks to her, and seeing that movie a thousand times, this is why I’m so into clothes and decided to make a career out of it after high school. Some people may say “oh it’s just because you’re a girl that’s why you love clothes and want to be a fashion designer,” but no, it has nothing to do with my gender.  Fashion is always something I’ve loved but never admitted to myself.  I also like to draw, and in the world of fashion designing, I can do that too. Plus it’s a long career to study into.

I really hope and wish that after high school, I can go study a fashion designing in New York, Italy, Paris or London. I don’t know in which one of those places, but at least I’m sure of what I want to make a living out of. I don’t expect myself to become someone big and important, I just want to earn enough money in something that I love so one day I can own my own place, give my future family a better good life, not depend on my husband, and hopefully open up a small store where I  would sell all my designs.