“Family is the only thing above all else”

“Family is the only thing above all else”

Elvis To, Staff Writer

Family, they are the first people to see you for the first time. Your parents are proud that you’re in this world.

My family will do anything to make sure that I am alright, and it does not matter if I am doing anything that is bad, they only care about you and only you. Family is important because they are the only ones that can help you.  Anyone can talk to their parents about anything, like their childhood, how your mom and dad met each other, how they ended up dating, and how they are married, their culture, etc. They can teach you how to become a better person. Have you ever heard the term “Family is the only thing above all else?”  Your family will always check up on you even if you are in the worst condition because they know what you are going through, and they do not want to see you so depressed.

Sure everyone gets into arguments with their family these days, but it shows them that they care about you nonetheless. Even after they are gone, they are always in your heart. This is because no matter what happens, they are still alive in your heart and they want you to make them proud. This is what my family has told me. To me, my family has helped me get to where I am now and I want to pay them back by doing whatever makes them happy.

Another reason why family is important is because they do not want you to make the same mistakes like what they have done when they were young, which is why they ask for good grades because they want you to have a good education, they want you to be better than them, they want you to be a good person that always helps other people and their family with anything.

Ever since you were born, they have always adored, watched you take your first steps, say your first words, and watch you go to school for the first time. I love my family a lot.