Davis To


Elvis To, Staff Writer

Davis To was born on September 12 and is currently a 16-year-old sophomore at Hoover High School. He was raised here in San Diego his entire life. His hobbies are editing videos, photoshop, and going on his phone to see what is new. Another thing about Davis is that he is kinda funny and gets his assignments done on time. He wants to become a video editor, so he went to AOIT to express his creativity of video editing and photoshopping. Along the way, Davis learned how to create computer codes and is able to fix computers that are malfunctioning as well. He is shy when talking to people and he is usually annoying at times, but he makes it the best time whenever you are out with him. Anything that is computer related, he may be the first student to help you out with these types of problems because he is a computer fanatic, but he won’t be able to help you out all the time. He is usually lazy when it comes to anything in general but he gets it done and he likes spring because it rains and he loves hearing the droplets coming down from the sky and lastly is that he likes going out with family to shop, eat food with them at restaurants, and anything that makes them happy.