It would be convenient


Kayla Onn, Staff Writer

Why are there no vending machines at Hoover you may ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons why we don’t have any, and here is why.

There have been issues with the recent construction of new buildings since vending machines would be located where the new structure would be. And, of course, covering the vending machines or even shutting them down because they were too dusty would be too much work. If the snacks or drinks were unclean, no one would want them, and that wouldn’t be very sanitary. As a result, the vending machines were placed on hold until the buildings were completed.  With the new government health regulations, the food that they used to sell cannot be sold anymore, such as energy drinks, sodas, and other snacks. Since items like these were forbidden from being sold at the school, the cafeteria sells water during lunch.

One of the greatest benefits of vending machines in schools is that they provide easy access to healthy refreshments during school time. Healthy vending machines in schools provide students with high-quality drinks and snacks during their lunch, as well as the option to purchase snacks to take home because vending is designed to be grab-and-go.

If Hoover was only able to sell water in the vending machines it would be best to support the school than support some other company, because you would have to share a percentage of the earnings you get with them.

In the future, we may be getting vending machines soon but the PE club sells Gatorade, water, and other beverages during lunch. As a result, there would be some competition, which makes the administration consider if they still even want them on campus. It is preferable to keep the profits on campus than to give them to a random third party. Aside from all of these issues, now that the construction is done, we might be getting vending machines soon!