Money cannot buy you happiness

Money cannot buy you happiness

Amina Naleye, Staff Writer

Sure, money is not everything, but it is quite essential. Aside from our fundamental necessities, money helps us reach our life objectives and supports the things we care about the most: family, education, health care, charity, adventure, and pleasure.

Money is a tool that allows you to protect yourself, improve your life and that of your family, and give back to your community. It enables us to get some of life’s intangibles, such as freedom or independence, the opportunity to maximize our abilities and talents, the capacity to chart our own route in life, and financial stability. With money, much good may be done and much unnecessary suffering prevented or eliminated.

Money is important to me because it would allow me to spoil my family, especially my parents. My parents have worked hard from the moment they were born, either to stay alive or keep their families alive. They both were extremely diligent and were constantly working, and never having a moment to rest. As you may imagine, they were never granted a childhood like we were. Even to this day, they are still constantly working to make sure we never go hungry, cold, or have any of our needs unmet. The thought of this makes my heart ache. This is the number one reason I want to make money, to make sure they can rest and to give them all the things they never had. I want to allow them to finally live comfortably with no worries.

Money is the most important thing to me because it’ll ensure that I will never go hungry. It implies I will not be reliant on being employed, living paycheck to paycheck, and putting up with a cruel boss’s abuse because I am desperate for work. Money is important to me because it would give me more control over my life, more flexibility to carve out my own path, and less restrictions on my options. My worst fear is to be trapped in a profession or a job I absolutely despise but cannot afford to leave because losing my work would mean losing my home and health insurance.

My dream is to one day be financially stable enough to adopt a beautiful daughter. Money is important to me because it would allow me to provide the greatest education, health care, and start in life for my future daughter. Of course, money can also immensely spoil children, so it’s up to affluent parents to find a way to offer their children the best while also teaching them the value of money and without giving them so much excess that their perspective on life is eternally distorted.