The 70s were fun!

With the Thanksgiving break coming up, The Cardinal staff offers streaming shows worth bingeing on.


Eric Sanchez, Senior Editor

That 70’s show is a comedy revolving around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps, and their upcoming age which is set in the 1970s in Wisconsin, hence the title, That 70’s show. 

Eric Forman is probably the most relatable person in the show. As the protagonist of the show, he is played by Topher Grace.  He lives under the authority of his parents Red and Kitty Forman. In a way, the antagonist would be his father, Red, who is always on his and the group’s backs about their nonsense behavior. The strength of the show is that you genuinely believe these actors are teenagers because there’s something here that everyone identifies with, especially if you’re young and struggling with those issues, such as dealing with hormones, parental discipline, and school.

The main boys in the show give you the best laughs. Kelso is the dumb but wild one.  Eric is the smart-mouth. Hyde is the rebellious and the “too cool for school” one. Lastly, Fez who is still a mystery but a foreign exchange student.  The show always makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my real friends because the characters are always rude to each other.

From the beginning, the first episode had me dying because I never heard of it. However, I did know two characters from the show The Ranch that are now in this show.  Ashton Kutchern and Danny Masterson were on The Ranch which made me want to continue to watch it. One of my good friends forced me to watch That 70’s Show, and they were always like “OMGG YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT,” so I gave it a shot and now it’s one of my top tier shows.  Sadly the show was removed from Netflix, but you can watch it on Amazon Prime. I would highly recommend That 70’s Show.