Nayesska Tapia


Alexandra Herrera, Staff Writer

Nayesska Yukie Tapia is a junior at Hoover High School, and currently in her first year.  She was born on February, 24, and is in the ALMA academy. Nayesska comes from Tijuana, Mexico where she used to study and live with her mother, father and younger sister. Now she attends school here in San Diego and lives with her godmother and cousins.  On the weekends, she gets to go back to TJ to visit her family and her wonderful boyfriend of four months who she loves. So far Nayesska has enjoyed her time here at Hoover and one of her favorite teachers is Mr. Heu who teaches her theater class.  She states it’s her favorite class at Hoover right now. The time she has spent here has made her a better student and given her the chance to make a lot of new friends who she’d love to spend time with but has a job after school. The next two years she wants to try her best to be able to graduate and walk the stage and receive her diploma in front of all her family and friends.  After high school, Nayesska hopes to join the navy to study and build a life of her own making the world a better place by helping others out.