Gift Ideas for under $10


Arely Martinez, Staff Writer

With the challenges of shopping in person, here are some gift ideas that won’t break your wallet.

1. A fish eye lens will make your pictures look a lot cooler.  $7.99

Universal Fish Eye Lens


2.  A butterfly wall decor will make your room more colorful and fun!  $5.99

Butterfly Wall Decoration


3. Cool random stickers anyone would enjoy!  $8.99

Random Stickers Decals


4. Rainbow scratch paper for a fun arts and crafts activity! $7.99

Rainbow Scratch Paper


5. Fun evil eye bracelets that protect you from negative energy and its best to receive them from others. $8.99

Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet Good Luck Protection


6. For people you know, a huge pack of nose piercings.  $9.49

120 pcs Stainless Steel Nose Jewels


7. Everyone loves holiday socks for the winter!

Funny Christmas Socks for Men and Women


8. Incense burner for seasonal scents. $6.39

Lotus Incense Burner


9. Fake vines that make anywhere you put them seem more earthy. $7.49

Artificial Ivy Garland


10. Crayola clay can be used just for fun or a stress reliever! $6.36

Crayola Modeling Clay