Peace and serenity


Amina Naleye, Staff Writer

There is nothing more therapeutic and relaxing than a late night drive. Even if our day draws to a close when the clock strikes midnight, the world does not.

The city never sleeps or comes to a stop. It’s always alive, in its own strange and wonderful manner. And if you haven’t gone on a drive late at night, you certainly haven’t been happy or experienced life to its true extent! So, take your car keys off the side table, slide on a pair of sandals, leave the house, and let the city enchant you! Or if you’re like me and don’t have a driver’s license, go bug your older sibling and make them take you out. At last, the city is not a constant reminder of your life’s instability. It’s peaceful and serene.

There’s no commotion, no traffic, no horns blaring – no race. You have complete freedom to be who you want to be. You can finally let out that breath you didn’t know you were holding.  The nocturnal quiet has a mysterious quality about it. Nothing can be heard except for the rustle of fallen leaves whispering on the pavement as you drive by them. The city appears magnificent at night, with tall light poles lighting the way, the moon beaming through the clouds, trees making thick shadows that fade into the distance, and the rest of the planet laying silent and mute. It’s a different aspect to itself that it’s been keeping hidden from you all along.

You begin to perceive your city in a completely new way. The most glorious enjoyment of music takes place during these drives. You can just plug in the AUX and blast your favorite song, humming along to your heart’s content– it’s the most peaceful feeling imaginable. It’s moments like this that make me appreciate my life. It’s the one occasion the city doesn’t look down on you. You can be absolutely yourself, stroll out in your ragged old pajamas, and be completely unconcerned about the rest of the world. At night, the world seems surprisingly forgiving. That’s the beauty of a late night drive. It’s an escape from your dreadful reality that seems to drag on.