Wear what you like!


Arely Martinez, Staff Writer

Black nail polish is the prettiest color of nail polishes. It was the first color that became normalized for boys to wear. Just a nice color on nails in general.

I’ve always expressed myself through different colors on my nails and I am so thankful for black because it’s so plain yet so pretty.  I like white nail polish too but I feel like that’s too bright. Black is just perfect I´d say. It makes my fingers feel cooler especially with my rings and bracelets on. Although it has been normalized for men to wear black nail polish, some people still feel so offended by it. I guess its still seen as gay.

I painted my friends’ nail black and it was just one nail and the comments that were made were so weird. I was hearing that it was so gay and my friend was getting clowned on and it truly hurt my feelings because my friend liked it or at least he didn’t feel ashamed of it but I’m sure he must have felt so embarrassed when he was being told these things.

I think it’s totally fine for guys to use black nail polish.  It would just catch me off guard but I think it looks cool. Anyways I think everyone should paint their nails black because… why not?  If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the smell, but it’s totally worth it. Black nail polish has been associated with giving off emo vibes, which are not the vibes I want people to think that about me but it’s whatever I guess, since that’s not me. Black just goes with everything so why not have it on your nails too, you know?