Driving gives you freedom

Kimberly Flores, Senior Writer

Learning how to drive is important to me as a teenager because it teaches you responsibility and how to be safe on the road. Driving is a lifelong skill and the earlier you learn how to drive, the more experience and knowledge you will have to navigate this huge world.

When I was a Junior in high school, I took a driver’s ed course. It was pretty difficult at first because there was a lot of information I had to read. After every lesson, there was a quiz at the end. During my weeks in Driver’s Ed, every Wednesday we met around 2 pm to check in with IMIN, which is the program that was offering the course. Unfortunately, I had to drop the course because I was going through a rough time and I couldn’t focus on both things as well as I wanted to. However, I strongly encourage students of Hoover to take advantage of this resource Hoover offers because it is free, simple, and available to anyone who wants to learn.

Driving will come in handy, it may seem hard at first but it is all part of the process. As a teen, learning how to drive can help you be of service to others. In case of an emergency, you can help transport people to the places they need to be. Learning how to drive can also open many doors for you. For example, you will have an expanded list of jobs you could apply to because some jobs require it. It is also a great way to practice budgeting, especially when you have to pay for gas, car insurance, and car maintenance. Once you learn how to drive, traveling to places will be a lot easier and faster. You would not have to worry about catching the bus or paying monthly for a new bus pass. Learning how to drive will get you anywhere.

Hoover offers driver’s training through IMIN.