Brandon Rodriguez Martinez


Eric Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief

All of the ladies want THE rich Brandon. He got the money, he got the drip, and the gorgeous hair looks. Brandon Rodriguez was born and raised in San Diego, California, on March 17th.  Brandon is in his last year at Hoover High School and in the SABE academy.  Brandon is the most hard working person on campus and the funniest young man with some good humor. He brings joy to all around him.  He’s just someone you can talk to and have nice conversations with. One thing his friends dislike about him, is that he does homework all the time and never has time to hangout with them. Homework is an addiction and he doesn’t stop. He loves it in fact. He even tells his favorite teacher Ms.Hagey to give him more homework. However, on his break time, he spends it cuddling with his dog and making “art work” with his friends’ faces. His best friend is his German Shepherd, which is the best friend you should ever have. Brandon always surprises everyone with funny things he comes across such as memes, magic tricks, and funny voice impressions. He enjoys spending quality time with his close friends and hopes for the best after school. He wants to enjoy life after school, such as playing more time on the vr, anime, and going to college as well.