Audel Hernandez


Kimberly Flores, Senior Writer

Audel Hernandez was born on September 30, and is a senior at Hoover High school. He has a love for working out and listening to music. During his free time, you can find him off-roading with his family. Off-roading is when you go to a large clear area to drive around freely. Audel wants to be a massage therapist, if not, then a policeman. He likes hands-on working experiences. He is a very friendly person that likes to make new friends. A lot of people that know Audel would consider him a positive, funny, and sweet guy. He hopes to travel the world when he’s older, and the first place he’ll go to is Japan. He enjoys watching Regular Show and Happy Feet. Audel also likes to play pokemon and Mario. His favorite character in Mario is Browser because he is a really cool-looking character. Audel’s life goal is to become successful in the future because he wants to be able to take care of his family. Family is one of Audel’s core values because he was raised like that. Someone in his family that Audel looks up to is his father. Audel cannot wait to graduate because he wants to start anew out of high school and pursue his career goals.