An ultimate virtual universe


Kathy Tran, Staff Writer

Roblox is a very entertaining online platform that includes a variety of games ranging from horror, survival, simulators, parkours, role-playing, and many more. You can also customize and decorate your very own avatar that represents you. The catalog is where we buy outfits, accessories, and gear for our characters. Each and every of the items in the catalog costs robux, just like money or coins and we have to use actual money for that. However, there are multiple free items people can choose to wear.

I personally love Roblox, I really enjoy playing different types of games with my siblings and friends. There is also voice chat in the game to communicate with the people we play with. Roblox can be played on laptops, mobile, and even xbox. I have made a variety of online friends through Roblox and I really enjoy spending time with them. I have met people online that have the same game interests as me.

The graphics of the games are very detailed and thorough, making the game experience more enjoyable especially in horror games. Roblox in my opinion is a platform that everyone can play on since it has almost every type of game. In addition, there are many young creators on Roblox. Roblox is a place for young people and even adults to learn about coding and creating their own games.

Another reason why I like Roblox is because of their horror games. Almost every horror game has a historical story to tell. For example, in the game, “The Mimic,” it is mostly based on Japanese lore, stories, and urban legends. One of the chapters of the game portrays the story of the long neck woman, also known as “Rokurokubi.” Those that play this game will be able to learn about this legend and its history.

There are many other horror games that are based on urban legends. I also enjoy role-play games. I personally like to role-play with online people and to get to know them better. Overall, Roblox is a game to further make connections with people online and to experience vast majorities of different types of games.