A different kind of pink


Kathy Tran, Staff Writer

Blackpink is a South Korean girl group created by YG Entertainment. It is a girl group consisting of Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa. Their music genres are rap, hip-hop, k-pop, and electronic music. Sometimes, each member of the group makes solo songs and even collaborate with other famous singers. Most of Blackpink´s songs are about love life, breakups, and life lessons. I personally like Blackpink´s songs because I relate to them and listening to these songs makes me feel confident and better about myself.

Not only their songs, Blackpink´s dances are also unique and different from other bands. They form amazing dancing skills for each and every one of their songs. Their dances vary depending on what their songs are about. If it is an enthusiastic song, their dances would be more active with more large moves. If their songs are more calming, they would perform smooth and slow moves. It is very interesting to see how creative the group members are with their songs and dances.

Some of Blackpink´s songs that I personally like and relate to are ¨Boombayah,¨ ¨Kill This Love,¨ ¨How You Like That,¨ and ¨See You Later.¨ The reason why I like these Blackpink songs is because these songs are about getting over your breakup and to find ways to recover. These songs, especially ¨How You Like That,” have motivated me through heartbreaks. I would thank BlackPink since I have become a stronger person than before. Not only these songs that I like, I also like their songs about love such as ¨Kiss and make up,¨ and ¨Don’t know what to do.¨ Whenever I catch feelings for someone, I would listen to Blackpink´s love songs. Lastly, I simply like how Blackpink´s song rhythms come out, especially the solo song, ¨Gone¨ by Rose. I really love the instruments they choose and how the choruses turn out. I like to relax to many of Blackpink´s songs.