Victor Arriola


Elvis To, Staff Writer

Victor Arriola was born on September 23 and was raised in San Diego. His hobbies are playing video games like Rocket League, Call of Duty Warzone, GTA , building, soccer, and drawing. He also likes watching anime like the Seven Deadly Sins, HunterXHunter, and Naruto. He is currently a sophomore at Hoover High School. He plans on attending college for four years and plans to pursue a career in architecture. He is in the SABE academy to learn about architecture and construction. He also learns how to build various things like tables, chairs, and eventually a shed. Another thing about Victor is that he is funny, helpful, and anti-social when around others. His favorite season is winter because he likes the cold and he likes to be cozy when it hits winter. He never fails when it comes to making you laugh when you are around him. Although he can be lazy when it comes to doing assignments and homework and never gets it done on time. In his free time, he plays his games, goes out with his girlfriend, and poses like a model for his pictures to put up on Instagram or Snapchat.