A year like no other


Eric Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s theme for the 2022 Hoover High School yearbook is “A Year 2 Remember.”  This theme was chosen because it reflects the first year coming back to campus during a global pandemic.  Even though there have been spikes in Covid, such as the Omicron variant, Hoover High School remained open for in-person instruction.

It has been a year like no other.  Everyone had to wear a mask when indoors, most of the students complied, but some were defiant.  It was the first time the freshmen were on a school campus when they were 7th graders when the pandemic started.  Sports seemed like the only thing that was allowed to commence but with limited to no spectators.  It was unfortunate because some of the seniors on the teams would not be able to experience the sound of cheers.

Homecoming was very different with two different rallys in order to accommodate social distancing.  The homecoming dance was held outdoors, but the game did allow people to come and watch, while wearing masks of course.  All of these changes and students adapting to Covid protocols make this a year to remember because when things go back to normal, we won’t have another year like 2022.

Students can purchase a yearbook from the finance office.  They are $75.  There are a few senior dedication ad spaces available, please see Mr. Heu for the details.  The deadline for ads is March 18.