Enjoy nature for self-care


Amina Naleye, Staff Writer

Nature supplies us with water, food, and air along with countless other necessities we could not live without. More importantly though, it offers us serotonin and pleasure. No words can begin to describe the feeling you get admiring new landscapes and views.

When I am out in nature, my mind feels at peace. All insecurities and worries fade away as you become one with the beauty surrounding you. Our society instills this mindset that we should aspire to earn more money, purchase more items, and consume more delectable meals. Mainstream culture also encourages us not to consider how our excessive consumption impacts others, such as sweatshop workers who create our products or people and animals that rely on a stable environment.

Eco systems, on the other hand, represent harmony and balance. Trees reach a height that reflects the nutrients and water that are available to them right now. Bears save just enough food to make it through the winter. Observing this balance and harmony in silence is like applying ointment to the wound of over consumption. It’s so healing to see that just receiving as much as you need is good enough for you. You don’t always have to constantly strive to be materialistic and purchase as much as you can receive. Nature also teaches us we can’t have complete control over everything. Attempting to seek perpetual comfort and control leads to a life that is dull, pointless, and soul-killing. You are called back to reality by nature.

It’s impossible to stop it from pouring. You won’t be able to set the temperature to a pleasant 70 degrees. Your muscles will burn if you’re ascending a mountain. But what a comfort it is to submit! You wake up from a dream and find you have very little power. You recall that adversity and loss of control are a part of life, and recognizing this fact makes it possible to feel not just bearable, but also joyful to be alive. Living life day by day with that belief is one of the most priceless valuable things nature has given me. This is why it is so important to preserve nature. While the cost to enjoy nature is free, we cannot let this get to our heads, take advantage of it while we can.