Itzel Medina

Elvis To, Staff Writer

Itzel Medina was born on January 27, and is currently a sophomore at Hoover High School. Her hobbies are watching anime like Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, AOT, and Tokyo Revengers. She also likes to play Uno, board games, and imessage games. She is really good when it comes to Uno. One thing to know about Itzel is that whenever she is done with her work, she either plays games with her classmates. She is a hard working student by getting good grades and is very shy to make new friends. She is also silly when she’s with her family or friends. She plans on going to SDSU for four years and major in graphic design. She joined the ALMA academy because she wanted to learn about graphic design and everything that it takes to become a great graphic designer. There are moments she is doodling her favorite anime characters during math class. Graphic design has motivated her which is why she is able to get where she is now when it comes to drawing. She is one of the nicest students on campus and shows it by the way she cares about them.  She will go out of her way to make them happy no matter what.