Hoover is the best!

Best of City Heights


Long Phuong, Staff Writer

I think the best place in City Heights is in my school.  It is where I am studying right now, the place where I met my friends, classmates, and teachers. I think we can guess by now I’m talking about Hoover High School.   I have been taught that school is your second home and to me Hoover actually is. Because When I am at Hoover I feel that I belong here. I never feel nervous or unsafe at this school. This is one of my best experiences studying here. I have shared many stories about myself to my teachers and I feel good about it, just like I share stories at school with my parents.

Hoover is one of the schools that helped build who I am today. Hoover is also a place where I study most efficiently compared to home where there are many distractions. The school to me is this whole tiny community with many different cultures.  This gives me a chance to talk with many people from many ethic groups. I love the fun that I have through many years at Hoover. This is the best time of my life and it will affect the future here at Hoover. I have been making many decisions at Hoover and some of them changed my life a lot and helped make me a better person today.

I love and am thankful that I am a Cardinal and this nest has made me into an adult and soon I will be an adult bird and fly out of the nest so I can learn and grow even more. I will use the skills I learned from Hoover to enforce into my future life and the next generation will also need Hoover just like me. I have a lot of great memories at Hoover and the impression of being a Cardinal will stay in my heart. Once again I am glad to be a Cardinal, Hoo-Ryde!!!