The trials, tribulations, and benefits of AP classes


Kathy Tran, Staff Writer

Advanced placement classes, also known as AP classes, are classes offered in high school for students to take. These classes are more advanced than regular classes and expose more content to students. Students in AP classes are expected to learn the contents at a fast pace.

There can be many different AP classes, like AP United States history, AP Spanish, AP English Literature, AP calculus, and many more. High school students take AP classes to prepare for college, especially since most AP courses are similar to first-year college classes. Not only that, AP courses boost students´ GPA, look good on student´s transcripts, and students will be able to learn more. Students in AP courses are expected to always stay on top of their work and to always be prepared, or they will be behind and it’s much harder to catch up. Every year, there are AP exams hosted for students to take. If students pass the exam, they will receive college credit and don´t need to take additional classes in college on that subject. AP exams can be difficult if one is not prepared, and many students at Hoover do not pass the AP exams.

At Hoover High School, only about 10% of students pass their AP exams. According to Mr. Ted Hernandez, an AP English Literature and Language teacher, “only around five students in his class pass the AP exam each year.” Not many students are able to pass the exam with a score of 3 or higher. Most students score lower than a 3. Colleges and universities look at AP scores of 3 or higher, or sometimes even a 4 or higher depending on which course it is. However, there is still hope for students at Hoover. With enough support, time, and effort, more students will for sure be able to pass the AP exams. There are a variety of ways and techniques to ensure this.

Advanced placement exams can seem very stressful to students. All AP teachers at Hoover prepare their students in many different ways. Teachers give out practice tests and practice essays for students to work on. This will give students a clue of how the actual AP exam will look like. AP teachers at Hoover provide students with everything they need and take their time to help students in need. Some teachers would also give up their lunch time to help students who need support, and allow students time before school, especially on Wednesday when school starts at 10 am.

However, the most essential part of passing the AP exams is the student’s dedication. Students in AP classes must be willing to work hard and put their best effort into these courses. If not, it will be difficult to pass the AP exams. Advanced placement classes and exams may seem nerve-wracking, however, with the dedication, hope, effort, and time, students will be able to succeed in these courses which will greatly benefit them in the future.