A City Heights hidden gem


Eric Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief

There are many things in City Heights that someone can consider the best such as their favorite restaurant in the area, the YMCA, their house, etc. For me, my favorite place in City Heights would be Azalea Park. I have over a thousand memories at Azalea Park. It’s a place where you make friends, bond with one another, hike, and play sports with the friendly community. I would say that if you have the right people around you, nothing will ever be boring, especially with those who are always there no matter what. That’s someone you should hangout with at Azalea Park.

The park has mostly everything a kid could ask for, for example it has the gnarly playground with the best swing set in CIty Heights. There’s a basketball court where you can shoot hoops or have a game on. Azalea Park has this grassy hill where you can roll off and have a blast rolling down and another thing you can do is have a nice picnic. There is a hiking trail you can take and see the plants around it. This is all for the community, however, there is one thing that most teeenagers have explored near the park and it is the Devil’s Cave.

Pretty scary I know, however it’s just an old abandoned sewer that leads close to the freeway. As a teengeer, I had to explore it with my friends and get to know how it feels doing something everyone tells you not to do. The feeling you get when entering gives you chills and cold. But it all goes away because I had the people around me make me feel safe and overall it was a good adventure.  Azalea Park is met for wholesome and epic moments. I believe this is the best part of City Heights due to its beuaty and the community around it.