Isamu Noguchi

The Cardinal celebrates Asian Pacific Heritage Month.


Kathy Tran, Staff Writer

An American artist and landscape architect, whose artistic career spanned six decades, starting from the 1920s and forward, Isamu Noguchi is one of the well known twentieth century sculptors, known for his gardens, set designs, ceramics, furniture, sculptures, and architecture. His creations are a mixture of both traditional and modern work. Born in 1904, in Los Angeles, Noguchi was an internationalist who traveled from Mexico, China and to Italy to get inspiration to formulate his own creations using wide ranges of materials such as marble and bronze. Noguchi took many sculpture classes and was inspired by many older artists´ forms and philosophies that inspired him to create emotional, lyrical, and expressive works. In 1985, Noguchi opened his very own Museum in Long Island City, New York, ¨The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum,¨ which has many galleries of Noguchi´s creations. Isamu Noguchi won many awards such as the Edward MacDowell Medal for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Arts in 1982.

Not only was Isamu Noguchi a well known sculptor and artist, he was also known for being a political activist. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the backlash against Japanese Americans had a dramatic effect on Noguchi. He co-founded Nisei Writers and Artists Mobilization for Democracy. These groups´ purposes were to raise awareness of the patriotism of Japanese Americans. Not only that, Noguchi joined the Colorado River Relocation Center incarceration camp in Arizona for six months. Isamu Noguchi was a very inspirational and influential person.