You don’t take a man’s elephant


Elvis To, Staff Writer

There are a lot of movies with the name, The Protector. I’m not talking about the one Jackie Chan did in 1985. Nor am I talking about the series that’s on Netflix. I’m talking about the 2005 Thai martial arts action film that stars Tony Jaa. Many people love it, I love it too.

The Protector is so surreal and that’s what I love about it. Especially the first fight scene where a guy flies out of nowhere and hits the bull head on a wall and then the main character, Kham, appears to fly in and begins to fight all the bad guys. What draws me to this film, and why I like the movie, is that the fight scenes are so well choreographed. For example, when Kham fights off goons while going upstairs and the fight scene near the end of the movie. The last reason why I like the movie is because all the stunts are real. There are no wires or special effects. It was all done by the 23 man stunt crew, including the star, Tony Jaa who performed most of his own stunts.

Tony Jaa is well known for playing as Ting in ‘Ong Bak’ where he has to retrieve a stolen buddha head from an underground gang and bring it back to his village. Despite the camera movement throughout The Protector, in my opinion, it’s still good nonetheless. The brief synopsis of the movie is that Jaa plays Kham, a regular person whose elephants are kidnapped and goes to Australia to find them. Along the way, Kham is met with a lot of obstacles while trying to find his elephants. People should watch it because it shows that whenever someone steals something precious to another, they’ll do anything to get it back by whatever means necessary. In this instance, Kham views his elephants as something precious to him and his father. It reminds me of John Wick who gets revenge for the killing of his dog, well you get the picture.