Why you should take AP classes


Kathy Tran, Staff Writer

Advanced placement classes may seem extreme at first but it comes with many benefits. Advanced placement classes range from a variety of topics, from history, math, science, English, and language. These classes tend to teach students at a faster pace for students to be able to gather as much information as possible on the topic that will support them in the future. However, some students refuse to take advanced classes because they have heard from their friends that it was difficult and teachers give out a lot of work. That is true, however, with hard work comes a successful future and a secure path. If students are able to put in the dedication, effort, and time into these advanced classes, they won’t be stressing out too much when they become college students and in their future life. Here are some reasons why students should take advanced placement classes.

Taking advanced classes allows students to prepare for college, because these classes are similar to those in college hence why it will be great exposure for students before they go to college. Admission officers also look at advanced placement scores and see that those taking these classes are ready for college. This means that there are higher chances of a person getting accepted to a college that took advanced placement classes before. Not only that, taking advanced classes looks very good on students´ transcripts. Taking advanced classes and passing the final advanced placement exam will grant students college credit.

The majority of high schools give extra weight to advanced grades. It is better to have a ¨B¨ in an advanced placement class rather than an ¨A¨ in a regular class. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn what they love. There are a total of thirty-eight advanced placement classes. Not all high schools will offer all, some may offer a few while some may offer a lot. For example, if you are interested in studying Spanish, you can take an advanced placement Spanish class to learn proficiently. Advanced classes may seem too much at first glance, but it comes with many benefits so it is worth a try.