The waiver is unfair to hardworking students


Eric Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief

What is the graduation waiver? According to the San Diego Unified website, this waiver allows seniors to get their highschool diploma without having to meet all of the requirements in their high school in light of the pandemic. This is a great tool for those students who could not pass the graduation qualifications; however, as a senior at Hoover High school, I am against the graduation waiver for the students who do not deserve it because it is completely unfair to the students who tried and it promotes laziness with their actions having no consequences .

When I say “for the students who don’t deserve it” I mean the students who have shown no effort since their freshman year. It should only apply to the students who have shown effort but have been cut off due to the pandemic. During the pandemic, learning was difficult for many students. Students would have to find a job and not attend their zoom meetings. They would do this to help  support their families who have lost their jobs. Students would miss the opportunities to gain their credits but that shouldn’t pull them back because they couldn’t reach all of their credits, hence the graduation waiver for them.

Now this waiver shouldn’t go towards the students who do absolutely nothing. As a senior and student, I have done advanced placement classes and worked my butt off to receive my diploma, on the other hand there are students who have lower than a C, yet will get the same diploma as mine. My buddy Angel Rubio also agrees with me because he believes it’s unfair to the people who have tons of stress over assignments. Not only is it unfair to the students but with this becoming a thing, it will later promote laziness with their actions having no consequences. It’s showing future generations that you don’t have to try anymore to get your high school diploma.