A hobby turns into a career path


Elvis To, Staff Writer

Have you always wondered if you wanted to make movies for a living and has it gone far enough to the point it affected your entire life?

To me, it has affected my life entirely. When I was a fifth grader in elementary school, I was first introduced in a short film with my older brother called Mi Familia Project. That short film was released back in 2017 on Youtube nearly five years ago. The only thing I got from that time was knowing how to act.


Two years ago, on April 21 2020, I appeared in a short film called “Sibling Rivalry” with my older brother which was about the both of us fighting over the Nintendo switch. One week later on April 28, I appeared in another short film with the same name. Sometime in June of 2020, I was going to do a short film called Motion Detected with my older brother, but he canceled it. One of the reasons why film has affected me is because I always wanted to do all sorts of things in films like stunts, acting, and everything that has been given to me, I am slowly getting it day by day.

I have learned how to edit, script writing and screenplay development.  And because of this, I have learned how to become a good director, producer, etc. I’d say it is really good and it helped me a lot. As of right now, I would say I am doing way better than the person that knew a little bit about filmmaking back then because if you compare me back then to now, that person is now editing short films for other people and directing a short film of his own called voices in my head.