Bring back the old

Bring back the old

Eric Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief

Many students believe that the old bell schedule should come back to Hoover High School. I am one of those students.

My parents are deported and I have been living in Baja California, Rosarito for six years now and with the new bell schedule, it has affected me dramatically. Don’t get me wrong, entering school an hour later feels good even on Wednesdays, however with the new bell schedule, there can be some flaws with the new system.

As I surveyed my whole class, many tend to agree that the old bell schedule is better and would want it to come back. One issue with the new bell schedule is that we now come out when the sun sets. Many students who live far away, take the bus/trolley or live in TJ, like me,  will be forced to go home at dark. Not only for the people who live far but our Hoover athletes have to do practice right after school and finish around 8pm. This is a problem because it’s not in the interest of the student to be put in possible danger. This also affects students who work after school.

“After school I have to rush to get to the bus or else I will miss my clock in time, and get less hours,” stated senior Kimberly Flores. “It’s a real drag.”

She believes that the old schedule was better because she didn’t have to run or sacrifice tutoring or other after school activities to go to work. With this bell schedule, the lectures are longer which is very significant because now teachers can explain more about a topic than before. But with the late start of time, students are losing time after school for more personal reasons like jobs, appointments, and errands.