Karl Heinrish Ulrichs

The Cardinal honors LGBTQ+ PRIDE Month!


Kathy Tran, Staff Writer

Karl Heinrish Ulrichs, born in 1825 in Aurich Germany and is considered the first gay man in world history. Ulrichs was known for campaigning for gay rights. Ulrichs helped forge the concept of sexual identity as an innate human characteristic in pamphlets he wrote from 1864 to 1879. Ulrichs was the very first queer person to speak publicly in defense of queerness. He pleaded to the Congress of German Jurists to repeal anti-homosexual laws but he was shouted down. Though he was shouted down, it will always be remembered since it was the first time they heard queerness in a positive way.

Ulrichs started the queer movement on August 29, 1867, when he spoke out publicly in defence of homosexuality. He was an inspiration to many other queer individuals to start standing up. Like he said, “I am proud that I found the courage to deal the initial blow to the hydra of public contempt.” There were many other queer people before Ulrichs, but he actually stood up and spoke in public, hence why he has changed the world in a positive way. Ulrich´s pamphlets not only explore theories about sexuality, but they also give a sense of community. His pamphlets allowed people with a morally neutral vocabulary to describe themselves. Ulrich is known for his most popular book, The Riddle of Man-Manly Love.

“Until my dying day I will look back with pride that I found the courage to come face to face in battle against the spectre which for time immemorial has been injecting poison into me and into men of my nature. Many have been driven to suicide because all their happiness in life was tainted.” ~ Karl Heinrish Ulrichs