Javier Sotelo


Samirah Jackson, Staff Writer

Javier Sotelo is a freshman at Hoover High School and his dream is to attend a four year college and become a teacher. Javier is a very bubbly person and his motto is “be nice to people.” His birthday is January 15, and he was raised in San Diego. However, when he is older he wants to move to Seattle, Washington. His favorite weather is foggy weather and he has a weird obsession with cars. He always walks around saying vroom vroom and he points at people when he is saying goodbye. His favorite Marvel Super Hero is Spider-Man and his favorite movie is The Notebook. Javier enjoys reading in his free time. One of his favorite books is Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. Just to top it off, Javier also enjoys writing poetry. He’s such a Rom-Com Nerd. Javier is such a nice daily oriented type of person. He wants four kids (two girls and two boys) and wants to be married by the age of 25.