A great platform for expression


Kathy Tran, Senior Writer

One of the greatest and most popular online platforms today is TikTok. TikTok is a free space for teens and adults to express themselves and post the things they like. It is also very easy to make videos on the platform. You can interact, collaborate, and make friends and connections on this platform. TikTok can additionally teach you many things and inform you of the things happening in the moment.

I personally love TikTok, it is like a safe place for me to express myself more, something I usually don’t do in person. I consider myself as someone quiet and independent but when it comes to online, I am a whole different person. I really enjoy playing Roblox with my friends and making videos out of them. I would then post these videos onto my TikTok page and unexpectedly, grow a huge fanbase. My fans would always cheer me up and support me, making my days better.

TikTok is not only all about posting videos about yourself and what you like, you can also learn many things on your for you page (FYP). Through TikTok, I have learned more about myself. Seeing videos on mental health and tips on happiness has really taught me to better myself. Educationally as well, TikTok has every subject and topic you can learn about.

Having a bad day? Losing motivation? Need inspiration? Hop onto TikTok! TikTok has a vast majority of videos that can brighten your day, funny pranks and actions anything you can think of! I have seen so many talented people on TikTok, dancers, artists, cooks, writers, and many more that really inspire me. I started to dance and cook because of TikTok! TikTok had really made my boring days into something brighter and more enjoyable.