A fan favorite


Simon Morales, Staff Writer

Video games are a coping mechanism to some. When life isn’t going well, you tend to search for an escape, and there usually is no better form of entertainment to distract you from reality temporarily than video games.

Video game campaigns specifically are a fan favorite because of their storyline, especially when the storyline revolves around a main character, the protagonist, which you play as. Playing an adventurous campaign as a protagonist really makes the player feel special, like he’s important for once.  A game like Halo, that consists of you, the protagonist, saving the world from extraterrestrials which allows you to feel like a hero to all. For once, you have a purpose it seems.

With the amazing graphics and life threatening scenarios you run across in a game like halo, it makes you feel like you are there. It’s almost as if your timeline was altered and you ended up in another universe in which humanity lies in your hands. If you played Halo and finished its campaign in a high difficulty mode, the feeling of success is indescribable. You just saved humanity from an alien invasion, that’s what happened.

Although some skip through the storyline and cut scenes because they just want to play the game, the ones who actually watch through them will get a lot more intrigued about future events within the gameplay, as well as meaning, like why are you doing what you are doing in the first place. It gives you insight into the details of what exactly is going on. It’s the storyline which makes the experience for the person playing the game.