Annette Gomez


Simon Morales, Staff Writer

One of the familiar faces at Hoover high school is Annette Gomez who is currently a senior. She was born and raised in San Diego, California. She is currently in the AHHC academy, she would like to become a physical therapist in the future. She was inspired by her family to become the person that she is today because they are hard working and showed her how she was able to persevere even through her toughest time. Her current GPA is a 3.8, and she is aiming towards a 4.0 by the end of her senior year. This school year, she is looking forward to cheering at more games, winning more lacrosse games, and going to prom.

Some of her hobbies include playing lacrosse and doing cheer. What she likes about playing those sports is the competition, winning, and having team bonding with teammates. As an athlete, she would like to improve physically and mentallyt because it would make her feel better to know that she had some improvement. These two sports benefit her as an athlete and person because they would help her cope with stress when things got rough for her. After playing, she would forget about all of those occurring situations no matter how hard those situations were. Some of her motivations in life are her friends and family because they have seen her at her best and worst moments but still decided to stick by her side, no matter what situations occur.

Some difficulties that she had with school was that she was a shy person, it was difficult for her to make new friends and speak out in class. Another difficulty that she had in school was procrastinating, which would bring her grade down. During this school year, she was going to try her best to prevent that and achieve that 4.0 GPA. In school, she dislikes presenting in class because of how shy she is. It would even give her anxiety, like a funny feeling in her stomach before she presents.