My family is everything to me!


Alejandra Ramirez, Staff Writer

When you’re happy, sad, mad, or scared, family is the people you go to. For me, my family is one of the most important things in my life and I would not go far without them or their support.

Although we had rocky times, we got through them together and became closer. Arguments and fights are bound to happen in our families some worse than others. When that happens, we lock ourselves in our rooms, we don’t speak and we give each other space till we eventually get over it because that’s what families do, well at least mine.

My parents help me learn from mine and their mistakes and make sure I stay on the right track to be as successful as I can become in the future. They have put a roof over my head, gotten me clothes, shoes, and a phone, and they also keep me fed, healthy, and safe.  They put up with my needs and my annoyance when I bother them for fun. Although they worry about my safety, they don’t want me to feel trapped or controlled by them like many other parents do.  They let me have my freedom on occasion.

My siblings and I are there for each other for anything and whenever we feel sad or mad.  If we ever argue with our parents, we try our best to cheer each other up and joke around. Even though my siblings can be annoying and frustrating, I would feel alone without them (although being alone sometimes would be peaceful).

My family are the first people I looked up to, love, and care for, and I could not be any less glad to have the crazy family I have.