Carolina Herrera


Ikram Muhidin, Staff Writer

Carolina Herrera a personal stylist, famous icon and known for excellent taste, but it’s not all she is known for in this world.  She has some of the best fashion work in the industry and helped establish a name for the Hispanc culture and people. She has inspired many Hispanic women and men to come forward in their place in this world. They shouldn’t be afraid to put their work in the world and she certainly didn’t fail. She was born in Caracas,Venezuela, in 1939, to a family statement and landowners.

Herrera started making dresses in her home and started selling to anyone she could. Even though she had negative results as well as positive ones, her business was still growing and she made her first wedding dress for Caroline Kennedy in 1986. After that she became an overnight sensation across the globe. Later she launched many more things like her fragrance in 1988, and following that with accessories and eye wear deals. A successful men’s fragrance was launched in 1991. In 2008, they launched a ready-to-wear brand called CH Carolina Herrera; as of 2012, there were 18 Carolina Herrera and CH Carolina Herrera boutiques in the world, and her lines were carried in 280 stores in 104 countries.

She also served as an ambassador for the American Cancer Society and the Intergovernmental Institution.  She has put thought and value into many things. She helps provide testing, medical equipment, ambulances, hygiene kits and psychological support. She donated $7 million to fight against COVID-19. She is really inspiring to the community.