Eugenio Debrez


Alejandra Ramirez, Staff Writer

Eugenio Debrez is a famous Mexican actor and comedian with a huge heart. He was born on September 2, 1961, in Milpa Alta, Mexico. Eugenio is an amazing actor and can get into any character whether he speaks English or Spanish. He plays a big part in many T.V favorites all over the world, especially in Mexican households. Instructions Not Included which made all watchers cry, and How To Be A Latin Lover. He was also a star, writer, director, and producer of some shows called Familia Peluche, Al Derecho y Al Derbez, and was a part of childhood favorites like Shrek, The Secret Book of LifeAngry Birds 2, and many more. Not only is Eugenio a great actor, but he also inspired many young and old minds and has the kindest soul, and throughout his career and path to becoming a star he has always given to the community. He has been part of many pet adoption drives, charities, and fundraisers. He donated 10 million Mexican pesos to the government of the state of Mexico and the El Muero organization to build a shelter.

After a recent hurricane hit a coastal part of Alcapulco, Eugenio directed part of his most famous movie Instructions Not Included in Acapulco and stated in an interview that the profits made will be entirely donated to the hurricane victims of the hurricane. He ended up being able to earn $1.4 million for the lost homes, businesses, and loved ones. Eugenio has dreamed of being an actor since he was very young. When he was 12 years old he landed a role as an extra in a Mexican soap opera and continued his passion by studying at Mexican Network Televisa’s Acting school and studied directing. He also appeared on T.V when he was young and was asked what he wanted to be when he was older and Eugenio said acting.