Jennifer Lopez


Chelsea Andrade, Staff Writer

Jennifer Lopez was born on July 24, 1996, in the Bronx New York.  She is of Puerto Rican descent and is a trained dancer, singer, and actress.  JLO has been nominated for 402 different awards and has successfully conquered 210 of these nominations. Jennifer and her sister Lynda started The Lopez Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that supports mothers and children who don’t have access to proper medical care. JLO is important to the Hispanic culture because she became an idol for a lot of young Latino and Hispanic women who couldn’t relate to other actors. Through her songs and her happy personality, she has put the Bronx and Puerto Rico on the map. Generations of women have grown up not seeing themselves reflected in pop culture, but JLO changed the Hollywood landscape and transformed Hollywood’s perception of Latin people in modern culture.  JLO was the first famous Latina in the mainstream they knew she continued to blaze her trail for for young Hispanics. She has changed the culture for Hispanic people through the massive media empire she’s created that spotlights her cultural pride. In 2001, she launched and co-founded Nuyorican production, a film and television production company which has produced several films which JLO has starred in including Bordertown. JLO also helps support Latina-owned small businesses including youth empowerment women with the confidence to live “limitlessly” with a focus on helping those in her hometown. She is the inspiration of Latina actresses and singers of today and proof that you don’t have to speak Spanish to be proud of your culture, you just need to embrace it and honor your roots.