Late start makes students even later


Alejandra Ramirez, Staff Writer

We all are aware of how chaotic the Wednesday bell schedule can be. Student’s thoughts on this day are split into many different opinions, some say they like it because they are able to hang out with their friends or go out to eat before school starts; some say they don’t mind; some say they instead go in early and leave early, and some say they hate it.

If students like me, for example, can find it inconvenient when they have younger siblings in close-by schools that go in early and leave early, Wednesdays can be a day they find to be a weekly struggle. Parents have also said that they have seen this day inconvenient for them because some parents go in early so they are not able to take students to school on these late days leaving them no choice but to walk to school or take a bus. Parents are also not being able to rely on their older children to pick up younger siblings from school since they are working late. Many teachers ask students how they still manage to arrive at school late on the late day, and some of these same reasons could contribute to why.

The way classes are switched around can also be confusing or a drag with our third and fourth periods moving to after lunch. Students have stated that they feel more unmotivated and tired after lunch and they have less energy to focus on their work, and are even less prepared for their last period. Most students interviewed have said they preferred the Wednesday schedules during our first year back in 2021, when we would have our normal schedules for our first three periods before lunch and then the fourth at the end.