My religion means so much to me

My religion means so much to me

Ikram Muhidin, Staff Writer

Religion is something I valued my whole life. It made me who I am and shaped me for the better.

My family believes in Allah and Allah only. Allah is God, most merciful and most forgiving. We believe that Prophet Muhammed is the messenger.

Being a Muslim woman has taught me how to respect people better and be kinder to the world. Islam is beatutiful religion and whoever thinks otherwise does not fully understand it. People always tend to speak bad about Islam because of false reports and untruths. Islam means peace and we stand by that.

No violence is allowed in Islam. I truly wished people educated themselves about Islam, because it’s all about equality, about compassion. Everything is fair in lslam and people are taught to love everyone. My religion makes me proud to be on this earth and I’ll never forget that. We followed the Holy book of Quran. It has everything that we followed and shaped this world to make it better. Islam learns to forgive and not be focused on the past.

Islam comes in all colors and diversitiy. We love to help out in the world and give to the poor. During Ramadan, we fast for 30 whole days, as we try to get closer to God. We like to give to charity and do as many kind deeds as we can. Islam has so much things to talk about and I’ve written a little about it. It helps to learn about the religion so you can’t judge it by false descriptions. I love my religion so much and think it truly is the best.