School vandalism hurts everyone


Simon Morales, Staff Writer

Over the years, there has been lots of vandalism around the school and it’s such a shame because Hoover in the past has gotten a bad rap for it. Not only that, but it is unfair to the students, as it takes away certain privileges everyone has due to the mischievousness of others.

It seems like forever now that we’ve had the youth becoming vandals, and it’s hard for a cycle like that, which has been ongoing for ages, to abruptly come to an end. Even if vandals are held accountable soon another wave of them will unfortunately arise. If the school reinforced security around bathroom sections we would have less cases of vandalism.  In addition, having heavier consequences for these individuals would significantly help decrease vandalism. Students should report any form of bathroom destruction as soon as they see it, so staff can review camera footage which could possibly give them a lead. Maybe if classes had sign up sheets to record the time students went to the restroom, there would be less cases since it would scare people from committing any more of this or even catch those who still continue to vandalize.

According to veteran staff on campus, back in the day, students used to vandalize more than they do now. It was either their gang affiliation, or desire to be affiliated. Apart from this, recently social media trends have spiked these cases. Besides it having a negative effect on the innocent students due to reasons already discussed, it is unfair as well to the school as a whole because of the school’s budget. More is being invested in fixing student destruction and less in what really needs to be invested in, such as testing, events, and class materials.